Backless Loafers RI my new BFF’s

Thanks to the Gucci trend, backless loafers are a go go.


Backless Loafers/Mules/Slippers/ whatever you call them, they trended last year (and possibly a fair few years ago to) and are back with a vengeance for Spring/Summer17.  I wanted to see if they were just a “fad” for last year but NO, still doing the rounds on insta, I managed to bag a pair from Depop (which I might add is a great alternative to ebay), hashtagyourwelcome.


Comfort rating – 10/ On trend – 10 /Colour – 10 / Fit – 9/ Style – 7,  am I 100% sold on them – jury is still out on that one.


They are such a great shoe for this in between weather, with jeans, dungarees, trews- the possibilities are endless, so I reckon my cost per wear is going to be on point.

Sadly no longer on the website as they are last seasons but check out the latest offerings from River Island here.

For now they are a keeper.

Happy Tuesday






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