Getting Lippy

Not one for lippy I decided to try the Bobbi Brown art stick for my evening out on Saturday night and I wasn’t disappointed. I invested in the Harlow red and for £20 you get a sharpener thrown in as well.

Most lipsticks irritate me, not this one however. The colour is amazing and comes in 7 other shades. You can reapply for a deeper red colour or just apply one coat and it lasts the night.


There are so many chubby lip pencils on the market at the moment.

The bobbi brown art sticks are actually a pencil! As in all you need to do is sharpen them!! I loved the lipstick meets lip liner in this multitasking stick which has a super duper creamy texture. Perfect for suffers of dry lips.

Bobbi brown has perfected the formula with a blend of shea butter that gives the formula a very smooth texture which provided light moisture, with a beautiful intense pigment, and a flawless matte finish! Win win in my beauty books.

The wear time is equally incredible as I got about four hours of wear without colour smearing or fading!

Eight shades of bobbi brown:


Buy directly here


Have you tried the art sticks yet?



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