Get Knitted

Whether you call them roll neck, high neck or turtle neck they all surmount to the same thing! COMFORT. If there’s one item in your wardrobe you can always rely on it’s the trusty black jumper. And it is something the high street is doing well right now!


The fitted shape is what I personally prefer.  By trying it with high-waisted trews for a day look or with a metallic skirt for that Christmas party evening feel or try both with brogues.


Stupidly comfy and tres flattering, the holy grail black cashmere crew neck from Uniqlo Is a seriously good investment. A good one is hard to find so all hail to Uniqlo for their perfect, affordable offering.


Foot loose! Bodens merino roll neck ticks all the oversized, slouchy and yet super cool boxes.

If you buy nothing else for Winter, you have to buy roll necks…and several of them!

Come back and see me this weekend as I’ve got some new outfits to share!

@UNIQLO_UK @Bodenclothing @fandf


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