I didn’t mean for this outfit to be entirely Jaeger, but what can ya do. I recently picked up this jumper dress as I tried it on in store and did the whole ‘do I need it, do I not need it?’ debate for about a nano second and suddenly the lady was wrapping it and it was purchased. It’s the perfect balance of cosy-ness, chic-ness and damn right hot-ness.  I bought the bag from Freeport Braintree Jaeger a while ago and is a firm favourite in my ever growing handbag collection.

In an attempt to avoid the horrendous pushing and shoving in HoF (House of Fraser) I did an impromptu photo sesh……

image1 image2 image3 image5 image6(1) image8(1)


Jaeger Jumper Dress sadly I can’t find on the website but I love this one.  Previously blogged about here 

Jaegar Bag still available here

Boots – old from a boutique

Jacket from New Look available here 

Check scarf from Zara current selection here

Anyway, it’s FriYAY.

@JaegerOfficial  @ZARA @NewLookFashion @FreeportEssex


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