Winter Coats

Finding a winter coat can be a bit of a pain, especially if you’re trying to find ‘the one’. I have a bit of an addiction to buying them at the moment, but also have some strict rules when it comes to picking a new coat and am hoping my edit will help you find yours! I tend to only buy a coat if it’s at least 50-60% wool, as I want it to be a good quality so it lasts a few years, but I’ll include a range for all budgets!

The Boyfriend Coat I am obsessed with huge, oversized coats. They are the best to wear when you are feeling super cold and want to layer with a big chunky knit underneath.


Asos Camel Coat


Topshop Grey Boyfriend Coat

The Long Coat  I am partial to a good knee length (or below) coat is a-ok with me and I keep adding to these types of coats every year.

Mango coat


The Statement Coat This is something I sort of lack in my wardrobe. I absolutely adore looking at bright and amazingly patterned coats on other people but not sure I can rock that look.


 Have you found the perfect winter coat yet?
@Topshop @Mango @ASOS


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