Stan the Man

In an epic fail, inasmuch as I ummed and ahhed about buying them, I window shopped and stalked them online, decided I didn’t need them and that London weather would ruin them in a day of rain and muddy puddles, but then, yes, I officially gave in and purchased these stanners sorry I mean stunners from Zalando. With the luxe-urious title, as well as having a whole 20% off a girl cannae resist.

Having eyed up these green Stan Smiths
And then spotting the grey Adidas gazelles
I finally decided on the black and white. Classic, in keeping with my love of everything black and discounted to £56 plus free delivery I am super pleased with my purchase, as you can see.
image2(2) image3(2) image4(1) image5(1) image6(1) image7(2) image8(1)


Stan smith luxe

Suedette Waterfall/Cowl Jacket from New Look buy here

Trews old from New Look similar here

Roll Neck Jumper from Florence and Fred

Crossbody bag from Mango

Editors Note: Stan Smith was the World No. 1 Male tennis player in the early 1970s,winning the US Open in 1971 and Wimbledon in 1972 when shoes like, well, the Adidas Stan Smiths were more like the shoes they would wear. The Shoes are dated before that, and were originally called Haillet shoes after the French tennis star of the 1960s Robert Haillet. When he retired Adidas needed someone else to be the face of their tennis shoe, and Stan Smith was chosen and his name (and face) still adorns them today.


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