Man Up!

So I picked up a bargain yesterday…. Meet the Valentino dupes for £6 saving myself £590 (I know the chances of me buying the real deal are slim to none, however it is still a huge saving don’t you think).

Tapered trews are by no means new, however these were a must for me.. Beautifully tailored, made from amazing fabric, inexpensive and fit like a dream… Expect to see them with the new Stan Smiths  in the near future for a more casual look.

Trousers, in store but not online so similar here and here  High Neck, buy here or beautifully similar here Black courts, similar here I have definitely a new found love for Primark this season!

**Buyers note – If you go for the roll neck you’d be good to go down a size, even two…It’s very generous**

There’s a lot to be said about the masculine trend…Not being skin-tight is just one major plus! She *breathes out*

image2 image1 image4 image5 image7(1) image6 image8

How do you feel about the masculine trend?

@Primark @SainsburysNews @adidas


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