Carry on Blogging or How to deal with Blogging Disasters

When you’re blogging, things go wrong. Like, all the freaking time. So, let’s have a look at some of those unfortunate moments I’ve had so far, or some of the most common things that happen.



The British Weather is renown for being inclement or changeable, and on the days when BBC Weather have said it is going to be dry you think “LOOK BOOK!!!” and grab the Editor in Chief, pick a location and rush off to take some photos of the outfit du jour. But then, as you are posing the sun (that big firey orangey thing in the sky) appears out of nowhere and you go into your bag for your sunnies and guess what? Yep, they aren’t there. My eyes look all squinty hence why I like to wear shades to stop that screwy up face I do. So disaster number 1 is forgetting key props and the lesson is be prepared.



Now you will have seen that I have upped my instagram game recently, over 300 followers and with the addition of my Marble backdrop, I am enjoying my i-gramming. Some days though, you cannot find your composition mojo. Some images are just too dull and send me to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzz. You still take the photo though, even though you know it is dull as dishwater, and still post it. I think maturing as a blogger (did I mention the blog is now 2 years old??? And my how it’s grown)  and feel I do not have to blog or gram for the sake of it. So my advice for disaste rnumber 2, when the photos are looking as boring as an afternoon filing paperwork is two pronged: you can either step back and decide to not post, or you can up your game! Find an interesting backdrop for the composition, or play with the photo in a photo editor app and turn it into a kaleidoscope or mirror it.


I love my iPhone 5s but the camera quality is just so poor. The flash it too bright and without it the ambient lighting can make for some of the worth quality pictures. When you are a #flbogger wanting magazine quality photos for your readers it is just not good enough really. So blogging disaster number 3 is poor photo quality. Editor in Chief has a Galaxy so a lot of his photos come out better than mine. And we take A LOT of photos on the shoots for my posts to get good ones. But when I am in the #selfiezone I find my phone camera not to be up to the task. The solution? #keepitasecret but I am looking at the Galaxy Edge at the moment.



The ultimate fashion blogging shot is the one where the subject simply walks nonchalantly in the street.  But doing anything other than standing perfectly still is a reallllly bad idea if you don’t understand shutter speeds. You can fix this by setting your phone camera to Sports Setting, or burst (where it takes loads of photos one after another) but sometimes you forget and the outcome is clear, or should I say blurred. Poses are not hard, there are lots of #fblogger poses that we do and we should be all pros at them now. So blogger disaster 4 is the notorious blurred photos.


Boobies are definitely not chic. They’re not cool. They’re just not fashion. We all have them. I am trying to promote the neckline of my top or a statement necklace. So when photos like this are taken, I shudder.


My hair is literally the worst thing in the world. I absolutely hate my hair down soooooo I always wear it up to shoot. It gives me one look, the bun and it can become boring for everyone although, TBH I am not styling a hair and makeup blog here, I am a fashion blogger, so I should see the bright side. But I’d be the first to admit that sometimes it does get to me, I want to make the photo the best it can be. Sometimes I wear my hair down, but upsets me more than the thought of ruining a look. So up it’s gonna stay. And before I get a flood of responses from fellow fashionistas advising the wearing of a hat, I do love hats, but they just don’t look good on me.


The elements are nearly always your enemy when shooting. Rain is probably Enemy No 1 because you just can’t shoot unless you have a creative Editor in Chief who knows the City of London like the back of his hand and suddenly you are shooting in the covered side entrance of Saint Pauls or the Tate Modern. A close second nightmare is bright sunshine. In the hands of a good photographer, being all backlit can be stunning. Otherwise you get that weird shadow. And worse still, depending on the position of the sun, you cannot shoot directly into it, because then you just end up being illuminated so much you are part of a white blur. Disaster 7 is therefore sunlight, you need it, but too strong and it is ruining a shoot. How to get around it? Have indoor options, or covered options, like you would for rain. We have a dozen GO TO places in the city and I would recommend mapping out alternatives and being flexible in your location.


I loved this shoot but getting the balance right between looking serious and seriously peed off is a tough one to combat. I am not Victoria Beckham. If I decide not to smile I look miserable and that is not what I want to promote. I LOVE my blog and fashion. I LOVE doing this, seriously, so why do I want to look miserable and moody? More recently this blogging disaster has been countered by something as simple as laughter. When prepping for the photo, at the last minute Editor in Chief makes me laugh, he tells a joke, or his photographer banter is funny. I laugh, and he catches the whole thing. Sure, some of the photos are completely unusable as I am falling about, but the ones after I am smiling a genuine smile. I HIGHLY recommend it.
Let me know your blogging and photo shoot experiences x I would love to hear about them.

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