How to raise your Instagram game

I have to say it has taken me a while to master the art of taking good Instagram shots.  Having spent hours upon freaking hours scouring Instagram to the point of obsession!.  Finally I feel like I have got to grips with taking good photo’s as my obsession er I mean research seems to be paying off. Please check out my instapage here I thought I would share what I’ve learnt so far to help y’all.

But First Coffee

Coffee is such a huge thang on Instagram.  If in doubt make that morning coffee your perfect photo opportunity.


I must be losing my Marbles

I think this is my best cheat so far.  Anything marble is so in fashion, so this sticky back plastic ( Blue Peter eat your heart out) works like a treat.  Buy here and here   Personally I just roll it out as it is great for flatlays!


Giving Into the Props 

I also find that gathering together an array of accessories can enhance your Instagram account no end. These include:- white card (also for your flatlays), rings, candles, flowers and magazines)


Floor Tiles

Pretty, coloured and damn right unusual (in fact the more unusual the better) floor tiles make for a great from where I stand #fwis.  Why not hold your coifeee at the same time.  Boom double instagrammy opportunity!


Even at railway stations it works.  I kid you not. Who would have thought this pic would have got so many freaking likes.

Buzz Lightyear

Pick out the key buzz words.  When you type in key words, Instagram does this great recognition thingy where it recognises how many times the word has been used.  This increases your chance of being liked and commented upon.


Lighting is still a major issue for me as I am currently working with the Iphone 5s so please share any thoughts/ideas on how I can take better quality pics.


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