Yep.It’s two years already. Can you believe it? I know I can’t. But somehow next week is officially the British Fashionista’s second #blogiversary !!  I created the blog in November 2013 and my how time has flown by with dozens of Look Books, magazine and DVD reviews, exhibitions visited and desirable items lusted after. I must confess, and I am sure most bloggers have been there, I had a little wobble in the middle, wondering if had the determination to carry on, as it takes a huge amount of effort, time and money. However that moment has well and truly passed and I can safely say I am now firmly back in the fashionista game. It has been a little quieter in 2015 that 2014, when we were in the top 10 new blogs at Company magazine, and went to LFWend and Cosmo nights in London. But I gotta say my highlight this year so far was being featured by the Mail Online in the form of the Today I’m Wearing website.


As well as being monumental, in that it was a national newspaper, not a fashion blog or a tweet, and it was the moment that my blogging world became an absolute game changer to me.  It gave me the shot in the arm needed and I was bouncing around the office like a child excitedly telling everyone.


I have to say I have upped my game in the photo shoot stakes too. Finally the Instagram stalking has paid off. Speaking of Instagram, please come and follow my instagram page here where FWIS, TIW and purchases are featured. Speaking of which, I think my Best Buy which you might think was a pair of Boden shoes above, and thanks to all those for the inspo.

image5or  maybe the best buy was that gorgeous Jaeger jumper dress  that I wore to the Champagne week function at the Searcy event at the Royal Academy. But (although they are up there in my top 3) but I have to say no, my inspired buy of year has to be the marble paper from Wilko! It creates such a wonderful background to my photos.


I’ve been pretty lucky in the competition stakes to, having won this gorgeous Radley bag amongst others and may the luck continue into 2016!


And I’ve got more to come including my new faux fur gillet, Stan smiths, and a tartan coatigan to name just a few so please keep checking the blog. Thanks to all that follow the blog, on Twitter and on Instagram oh and of course a HUGE thanks to lunchtime photographer and editor in chief for all his help, his award norminated running blog is here RunnersKnees please go check it out so he doesn’t feel left out (J/K!)  xxx

Here is to the next exciting, unpredictable year! Cheers!


@Radley_London @TIWfashion @Bodenclothing @JaegerOfficial



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