Today I’m Wearing

WOWSERS!!! Yesterday was monumental and a turning point for me as a fashion blogger. I’m not gonna bang on about it…. (‘Course I am)., I am absolutely fit to bursting with excitement so I’m gonna share with you. Today I’m Wearing, or #TIW, is now part of my daily routine, this means uploading an outfit EVERY SINGLE DAY for the world to see. It’s very easy to do, just upload an image, tag outfit and location and post. Easy Peasy. It’s also a great way of getting fashion inspiration from others too. On Friday I was going about my daily HR business and happened to check my Twitter feed. When this happened (squeeel)
I only went and appeared on the Daily Mail Women’s and Fashion magazine Femail’s website via its sister site Today I’m wearingOMFlippingG!!!!!! The rest of the afternoon was a bit of a blur as I spent the time rushing around the office letting everyone know about my new found fame :). Lots of congrats later and I finally come back down to earth. Femail is the fashion column of the daily mail and offers the latest  Fashion, beauty, health, food and relationship news from the Daily Mail Femail teams are in London, New York and Sydney. #global Uploading to tiw has also given me a huge confidence in my ability in blogging so a massive thank you to the #TIWteam for helping me achieve a platform in which to share my daily outfits and hopefully inspire others to not be afraid of the big wide blogging world.
Here was the look getting some love.
I know they say it is the most simple things that make you happy, and they are right. Something like having the blog, or a tweet or an uploaded noticed always bring a HUGE smile to my face. Have a wonderful and happy weekend XXX
@TIWfashion @Femail

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