G is for Ghillie


These adorable Aquazzura Christy Flats have been on my radar for months but, with the budget of a pauper,(you know, living my champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget) the nearest I can get to them is via an idle page flicking exercise! But, thanks to e-shopping and the high street, they have fast become suitably affordable.


B is for Bake Off


If anyone hasn’t seen or heard of the Great British Bake Off  where have you been.  What’s this got to do with my new shoes (stay with me here!) It is no secret that I love shoes so when I discovered that Boden produced the best dupes that I have seen in some time, it went something like this… basket, checkout and next day delivery please!  And where did my inspiration come from? No other but the lovely contestant and semi-finalist Flora Shedden from this years GBBO check out her awesome website here. @Styleonscreen help out with all TV related fashion questions. If you see a celeb in a dress you like, then tweet them and ask.  Here is how simple it is. So I now knew where I could get the ghillies and, I hoped, for a good price.


B is for Boden


You can imagine my delight when these suedette treasures arrived this week (totally the Star Baker this week)… If you read fashion blogs then these probably won’t be new to you… They’ve been a popular buy with the fashion squad and I can now see why!  I wanted to see if they were a fad but they seem to be sticking around so here I am…………


O is for Outstanding Value

o Reduced from £89 to £44 I bought mine here in the sale, you can’t go wrong with half price! And you know, when it comes to a bargain, shoes are my a-ghillies heel! (Sorry!)


Joking aside this is exactly how I’m planning on styling them..;


Buy the sweater here  Boyfriend jeans here Shoes here There’s more fancy flats on the Boden website for the taking so I’ve put together some other fondant fancies (pun intended) for your perusal…If I become a rich gal any time soon, I’ll be hoarding this little lot too..

Scallop Point available here

Leopard Print available here


The Scallop Point and the Leopard Print

I hope you are all having a good week, Don’t miss the Bake Off final on Wednesday!
@Bodenclothing @florashedden @BritishBakeOff


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