The UK is honouring us with some sunny and warm days recently.  Taking advantage of such good weather I decided to invest in some ESPADRILLES which have been kicking around for a while (sorry for the pun there!!).

unnamed (1)

TBF Kicking around in the garden in the new espadrilles

Ed’s Etymology

The term espadrille is French and derives from the word in the Occitan language, which comes from espardenya, in Catalan oralpargata in Spanish. In Catalan it meant a type of shoes made with espart, the Catalan name for esparto, a tough, wiry Mediterranean grass used in making rope. Its name in the Basque region is espartina. Nowadays the soles are mostly made from Jute, manufactured then manually shaped to the sole. And back to the review…


With online hotties such as ASOS giving the crowd what they want there is no end of choice. Whether it be prints, patterns, brights, nudes, pastels, thin or thick soled, and also made of any fabric not just canvas – leather, lace, or both there is something for everyone. And if you think this shoe is just too… meh, plain. Think again.

As errr Chanel, Tory Burch and tons of other massive designers have jumped in on this trend to. And the better just keeps getting better. (1) It’s a shoe for both men and women. And (2) It’s got that beach vibe to it, and (3) it goes great in the city as well. Everyone with a penchant for fashion is living in these shoes right now.

unnamed (2)

I bought mine from the Outnet as they had 50% off.

I thought they would be tough on the feet because of the hard sole and that they would be super uncomfortable but far from it. I also bought half a size up, the US. Size 9 which is a UK 6.5 as they are quite fitting on the feet. This turned out to be a blessing as they fit perfectly.

unnamed (3)

Buy directly from Soludos here You can always tell a trend by putting in the hashtag, “espadrilles” into Instagram to find out how popular they are. A mere 325,000 posts is a bit of a giveaway!

unnamed (4)

I see them fast becoming stars of summer 2015 and beyond. Definitely a worthy purchase that won’t be going out of fashion any time soon. What do you make of this canvas shoe with rope sewn into soles?

@THEOUTNET @Soludos @ASOS @instagram


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