Rebecca Minkoff


So I am always scouring the depths of the internet, twitter and Instagram for new inspiration and boom here is the latest one to catch my eye, Rebecca Minkoff.  Although not new to the fashion designer scene, Rebecca until now hasn’t been on my radar until I saw this tweet from Bang on Style and realised what I had been missing all my life……


Like many other aspiring designers, Rebecca was interested in designing and sewing clothing from a young age and creating was a prominent part of her childhood. This interest became more serious when she moved to New York to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in pursuit of starting a fashion line. And the rest as they say, is history!!!!!.  Known for her frenzy-inducing handbags, incredibly cool shoes, and celeb-loved clothes, you can tell that is that she’s passionate about her brand and product from her collection. I just love this Chanel inspired boy bag  and at a fraction of the Chanel price to.  Who doesn’t love a bargain?


My extensive research has led me to the Outnet as well.  Check out the latest offerings here. This new drop in Rebecca’s latest 2015 fall collection contains various themes for bohemia: the shearling, the leather trews, the fringed vest, the boho blouse as well as the artfully tousled tresses.

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I remember off the shoulder fashion the first time round and it appears that the shift in seasons has brought this gorgeous dress from The Outnet back from the past.

unnamed (13)


Mini mac clutch would become Rebecca’s signature piece.

unnamed (14)


Do you own a Rebecca Minkoff bag? Tell me about it.

@RebeccaMinkoff @Bangonstyle @THEOUTNET


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