I’ve been noticing on Instagram that bloggers are really upping their anti when it comes to the perfect flat lay which is one of the reasons I decided to make this post.

Before I started my blog I was really fascinated with how my favourite bloggers achieved such great images, their styles really inspired me because of the clarity of their images.

So here are my top tips on achieving and creating the best flat lays……..

Use different backgrounds
White still to be the dominant background.  However thinking outside of the flat lay box, colourful tiles, polished concrete, marble flooring (or even the ikea cheat marble sticky back plastic that you can dress your dressing table with), printed rugs and whitewash bed sheets also work really well. Changing your background makes for a great interesting flat lay.

Keep colours tonal
Flat lay photos always look better when the colours of the items are similar, so keep this in mind when gathering your items together.

Start with the main piece
Always start with your most striking piece first. Place this in the middle or to a corner and build the flat lay around this. This could be a bag as your focal point and then surround it with, a coffee and a candle.  Btw coffee seems to be a huge hit on Instagram.

Make sure items are neatly placed
The best flat lay photos are those that are styled neatly. It’s more appealing to the eye and allows viewers to be drawn into the photo, rather than be repelled by the disorder of a messy flat lay.

Always use natural light
Make sure you use natural lighting. Set your flat lay up outside, or set your flat lay up next to a window with lots of natural light.

Shoot in with symmetry and in square
Make sure your flat lay is engaging. If you’re shooting with a phone, select to shoot in square. If you’re shooting with an SLR, be mindful that you need to crop the photo to fit into a square – its super frustrating styling and shooting a flat lay photo only to realise you can’t fit everything in the photo the way you wanted to when you go to upload it onto Instagram!. First world blogger problems………..

Shoot from above
To get the best direct overhead shot, my biggest tip is to stand on a chair above the flat lay but don’t get in the way of the natural light as this will only cast a shadow over the flay lay.

Here are my favourite flatlay bloggers.

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender

@louiseroe @Primark @honeybelleworldblog @EllieMack25


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