Because it’s Hampstead, dahhhhling!

Due to the success of our post on the shopping delights of the Kings Road for our Fashionista’s Shopping Guide to Made in Chelsea and Brentford in Fashionista’s Shopping Guide to TOWIE we are looking only slightly further afield and to the neighbourhood of the Editor in Chief (Ed.) Hampstead and the sought after London postcode NW3.

Famed for it’s leafy lanes and gastropubs and coffee shops filled to the brim with A-listers like Damien Lewis, Tim Burton, Helen Bonham-Carter, you will see Peter Crouch picking up bagels at Ronnie’s, Jim Broadbent hailing a cab and Tom Conti in Budgens complaining about a proposed Tesco Local it actually has a rich and varied fashion selection, and all on the same street (Hampstead High Street), and same side of the street at that (the East side of the street, or the left hand side if walking down the hill from Hampstead). And that is a good thing to note too, if you take the tube on this proposed shopping excursion you get out at Hampstead (Northern Line) and walk down the hill, hitting all these great shops, until you get to Belsize Park, so it saves you a hike back up with your shopping haul.

So what delights will you see on The British Fashionista’s Shopping Guide to NW3? Let’s tick them off.

Heading south the first ten shops you will see are amazing.

  1. Sandro 31 Hampstead High Street
  2. Kurt Geiger 30 Hampstead High Street
  3. French Connection 29 Hampstead High Street
  4. Nicole Farhi 27 Hampstead High Street
  5. Zadig & Voltaire 23-24 Hampstead High Street
  6. Jade 22 Hampstead High Street
  7. The Kooples 18 Hampstead High Street
  8. Comptoir Des Cotonniers 17 Hampstead High Street
  9. Hobbs 15 Hampstead High Street
  10. Reiss10 Hampstead High Street

And as you can tell, they are literally next to each other for the most part, interspersed with banks (for needed cash) and coffee shops (for needed caffeine injections to keep the shopping going)


20150511_170511 20150511_170519 20150511_170526 20150511_170546 20150511_170602 20150511_170612 20150511_170626 20150511_170633 20150511_170642 20150511_170658Now half way down Hampstead High Street becomes Rosslyn Hill, and from here the feel is only slightly different, with more bespoke and less known shops. All still amazing thought.


Here you see…

  1. Maje 8 Hampstead High Street
  2. Handelsbanked 6a Hampstead High Street
  3. GAP 6 Hampstead High Street
  4. Whistles 2-6 Hampstead High Street
  5. Designs NW3 60 Rosslyn Hill
  6. Charli 54 Rosslyn Hill
  7. Cop Copine 42 Rosslyn Hill
  8. Question Air 28 Rosslyn Hill

20150511_170710 20150511_171007 20150511_170919 20150511_170856 20150511_170844 20150511_170746 20150511_170734 20150511_170731 20150511_170724 20150511_170716

There is also a Claudie Pierlot, the only one outside of France, but it is not showing up on Google Maps (apologies)! And a must visit is on Flask Walk where amongst a few antique shops and a Paul there is a Zana Fashion, favourite of Kate Moss and Exclusivo where you can drop off your old designer clothing, jewellery and handbags and they will sell them for you, for a small fee (rather than putting them on eBay).

So all in all you can have a great shopping day in Hampstead on one street, even take in a movie at the Everyman sitting on leather sofas on the balcony and have wine brought to you, pick up amazing chocolates and eat at some of the most chichi of gastropubs, or take a coffee at Carluccio’s before heading home with your spoils from Hampstead, dahhhling!


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@NicoleFarhiLtd @zadigetvoltaire @NW_3Hampstead


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