In the Navy

Slim fitting trousers are not new, you’ll likely be over bored with them if you read a lot of blogs however these were a must for me.. Beautifully tailored, made from amazing fabric and fit like a dream… Expect to see them in future posts. The thing is, I was in the changing room deliberating them. They were marked up at £29.99.You can imagine my delight when they rang through at £19.99….. Definitely a new found love for Mango this season!

I decided to digress from Black for a change – not a major digress I’ll have you know as Navy is hardly a major colour change however it makes a change for me to be in a different shade

I struggle with casual clothes but for some reason I seemed to have nailed the whole work wear attire!!!! I begrudge spending a fortune on work clothes (although saying that sometimes you need to invest in that expensive key piece). Feeling good in your clothes is so important as it affects your confidence and mood (in my opinion).

My job in HR means that I have to look presentable all of the time, one day it could be talking to the CEO, the next interviewing candidates or meeting recruitment agencies – I tend to dress to my audience.  This goes back to the theory of ” first impressions count”, this can work in and out of your favour so getting it right can be tricky. Major disclaimer – Im no expert however I’ve made enough work faux pas to know whats not right.

I used to stress about finding suits that fit (you’ll understand this more as you read on) and then spending a fortune on tailoring (I’ll come back to that on another day)!! I’ve kind of relaxed things now (mainly as suits cost a fortune and I have figured out that its okay to mix and match).  You will see this in the following pics as the navy trews and jacket are a slightly different shade of blue.   Yes it is possible to look just as smart in a nice fitting jacket and slim fitting trousers that don’t match!

My faves this season are from Mango!! I have been asked where they are from a few times, winner!

The other thing I’ve tried to do is add some colour to my work wardrobe – I literally just used to wear grey and black (big yawn). Again, it can be tricky to get it right without looking cheap (but still not spending a fortune). I get around this by adding accessories/belt/scarf or some kinda pattern… basically, just not being a total plain Jane.

This is what I wore to work today ;

image2 (1)image7 image8 image6 image5 image3 image4 image1
Trousers in the sale from Mango

Jacket (old) from Primark but similar in HM here

Necklace bought from a boutique in Leigh on Sea

Top from Marks and Spencer

Bag from Topshop

Bracelet from Tiffany available to buy here

Ring from Pandora sold here and blogged about here

Ted Baker shoes similar here

Watch from Michael Kors available here


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@PANDORA_UK @TiffanyAndCo @NewLookFashion @johnlewisretail @marksandspencer @LoveLeighOnSea


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