Happy Birthday to Me! My new birthday scent.

This week saw me turn over another number… IT IS JUST A NUMBER…., right?

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The best thing about birthdays is the celebrating with friends and family and of course, the gifts!

Let introduce the new addition to my handbag in the form of acqua di Parma…….


“Strolling in the shade of centuries-old trees, among lodges and staircases, a sensuous fragrance drifts – the strong notes of the rose. Its scent forms part of Italy’s noble gardens which, like a queen, it pervades with natural elegance. Acqua di Parma takes their unequalled charm to give life to an Eau de Parfum introducing new touches into the universe of Le Nobili, a collection of women’s fragrances inspired by the most beautiful flowers of exclusive and private Italian gardens, where art and beauty blend in perfect balance. Each one a unique fragrance, selected for its noble femininity, for its fine perfumed essence, and for its quality. Compositions designed by Acqua di Parma using precious ingredients. Each one is unforgettable. Iris, Magnolia, Gelsomino and the new Rosa Nobile.”

– Acqua di Parma

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The Notes

Top: Bergamot, Mandarin and Pepper
Heart: Italian Rose, Violet, Peony and Lily of the Valley
Base: Virginia Cedarwood and Ambergris

How Does it Smell?

It’s a well-made, light, sheer (wee bit expensive) rose perfume. It has a fleeting top note of bergamot, but the main idea is a fresh rose note (definitely a pink rose!).  The perfume is super chic to as it is covered with Tuscan calfskin leather.  Rosa Nobile is simply gorgeous and is an utter joy to wear – I highly recommend it.

unnamed (3)

Availability: Acqua di Parma’s Rosa Nobile is available in John Lewis here

@Acqua_di_Parma @johnlewisretail

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