Moteefe: My face on a T-Shirt

Moteefe is not the new kid in school. It is not a cousin visiting you for the summer whilst his parents work out their issues, so somewhat familiar but with some crossover. MOTEEFE is something completely new whilst being shockingly simple. What INSEAD graduates Lev, Mathijs and Olivier have created is quite brilliant, and what it does, is give you (the consumer) the ability to become the supplier.



You are an artist, say a street artist, a band, an event, a charity, you focus on your art or cause but someone else is cashing in on your work. The books are published and a large chunk of the profits are going to the publisher. The t-shirts are printed with your art on it, and again, how much of that money are you seeing? MOTEEFE will allow you to take control of the latter. You upload your designs and either work them yourself using the easy to use online tools, or the MOTEEFE team do it for you. They then create the t-shirts and you sell them, as well as selling them through the Moteefe website. They give you the ability to create, and they produce, ship and help market your product. So in a nutshell:





Let’s see how it works as I put my face on a T-shirt and create a range of clothing for The British Fashionista.

First you MUST have your artwork ready. I put together three designs that I think best show my sense of design:

  1. The face of Ed on the Union Jack.
  2. I have often thought that the iconic Che Guevara t-shirt is so iconic now that it should be on a t-shirt
  3. And in editorial meetings sometimes rather than saying you are losing interest it can be easier to just point. (Note: Includes SLAYER font)

Ed’s designs

So you create a MOTEEFE account and log in. Simple. You have the artwork you spent weeks agreeing in meeting after meeting and now it is time to create.


Creating the design includes uploading and positioning the all important artwork in a simple to use (but limited to sizing, positioning and rotating) tools and also choosing the colour (of which there are 14) and style (at the moment these are limited to hoodies, running shirts, t-shirts and polo shirts).


Choose a style and colour

Once you have uploaded your image you need to position it within the limited space on the front and/or back of the style you have chosen. Text can be added too, and one of 10 fonts allow you to customise more and there are even templates for clip art that can be used for those of you without an art department.


Upload and place your image


Add text


As you have been creating you would have noticed an Estimated Cost number in the bottom right corner. This shows the cost of producing the goods for a specific volume depending on complexity. If your budget is modest it is worth sticking to the regular T-shirts and only printing on the front as I discovered back printing does really increase cost.


Pick a profit margin

What you are actually doing here is trying to work out how much you think you could make versus how much profit you are targeting. Moteefe has a nifty widget that shows you how much profit you are making in total based on the current production costs and the volume of the product you are making. Simple.


This is the final step and is, once again, a nice form of option to select deciding on how long you want your web campaign to be on the Moteefe website, and adding descriptions, videos, links and everything they need to produce your products and market it for you.


Choose a web campaign

This is, of course, just marketing via their site. But they are also on Facebook and Twitter and promote heavily through social media that way.


The web campaign

And that’s it. Through your own social and conventional marketing you sell and Moteefe do the rest, taking all the pain out of the production as harpist Anna Pesquidous did for here The Night VI gig. Having spoken to co-founder Lev Kundin, Moteefe plan to expand beyond t-shirts and into other fashion items, dresses, shirts, trousers, jackets, and coats and scarves and hats. And the tools too, will eventually expand out to include changing the base products such as changing the cut of the neck, amending collars and cuffs. If the right campaign comes along, with the right artist, say a street artist that is gaining popularity, this type of business could really catch fire.




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