Pandora’s Box

So it is my birthday next month and I have been sourcing present ideas for family and friends (my motto is if you don’t ask, you don’t get (the latter is usually the case boo hoo).

My favourite type of gift (apart from clothes, shoes, chocolates, accessories and perfume – yes the list goes on!) is jewellery. Usually I am one for statement/costume jewellery and must confess im not a big fan of rings but having scoured pinterest recently I happened to come across these elegant looking, fine jewellery and having done a bit of research was amazed at how reasonably priced they were.

Pandora are famed for their bracelets and charms however I definitely think the ring collection is up and coming in the Pandora world and not to be sneezed at!.

The Pandora Ring collection features a range of pretty stacking rings with which are beautifully designed and crafted. I love these as you can mix and match them, stack them up, or just wear them individually. So I took myself to One New Change last week and treated myself to the Silver & Cubic Zirconia Heart ring which had already caught my attention on the website.  It really is so delicate and understated and at £35 is a no brainer.

unnamed (1)

These rings that are great for stacking.

unnamed (2)

An early birthday present to me – well why not 🙂

The only downside (and I have struggled to find a downside) is the sizing of the rings. The do no follow the normal UK or US numbering and seem to have their own. So walking in a saying you are an N or a 6 1/2 will still require a sizing. The sales assistant was very nice and we talked about swelling in the heat, or your fingers being thinner in the cold, and swpping fingers and hands to make the ring fit according, and so I went for the 54 however the 52 was slightly too tight so a 53 would have been ideal which unfortunately Pandora do not have a size 53 for some reason.

The heart ring comes in clear or pale pink.  Personally I prefer the clear, buy mine here

unnamed (3)

Buy directly here from Pandora or from House of Fraser here


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