Three Stripes

Ever felt like going on safari? (Sartorially, that is). Well Adidas are here to help. They’ve branched out into animal “sort of” print.


I refer of course, (the clue’s in the picture) to the gazelle not the animal but the “IT” shoe of the moment  There’s no doubt these trainers have reached critical mass as fashionistas are increasingly opting for a flat shoe! The name gazelle comes from the Persian word Ghazal which means “elegant and quick” and true to form they have been trending on Pinterest for understated sport luxe.  I also featured them here on Instagram for instant advice on whether to purchase.  Elegant and quick right ?
unnamed (1)
The Adidas Gazelle OG trainers definitely conforms to this hedonistic mix of sport and street culture as seen here on other fashionistas.  I love the three different looks and the gold heel and details is very me. The versatility of wearing the trainers with a skirt, trousers or denim makes the cost per wear so much more inviting…..
unnamed (2)
The instantly recognisable three stripes that have become synonymous with the Adidas brand ensures you will always be in fashion no matter what style of trainer you possess. Although it is a little concerning, and I am showing my age now, that I had Adidas Gazelles back at university. And now pretty much the same show is classed as ”originals”.
Adidas Cover
Have you a pair of Adidas trainers?

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