Spring 2015

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As it’s super cold outside and nearing the end of the sale season I wanted to share you what I think will be the main trends for spring 2015. Looking into my crystal ball I see the return of some classics in military looks, especially longer dress shirts, mustard as the seasonal must wear colour and a LOT of detailing and adornments. I foresee wings, tassels, fringes, more elaborate necklines, and waterfall collars. After a more traditional Winter season The British Fashionista is seeing the new season as a way to stand out with cuts rather than colours.
  1. Winged tote
  2. Denim shirt dresses
  3. Mustard
  4. Fringe skirts
  5. Tassel Shoes
  6. Skirt with a front split
  7. Waterfall trench
  8. Culottes
  9. Military new look


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