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I’m not usually one for e cards but this one is so true to form!

The conclusion is; 1. Yes, I have lots of clothes and 2. No, I don’t want to wear them all…. so 3. what to do?

To answer the latter I started last weekend with a selling spree on Depop – I’m gonna’ get RUTHLESS. Now anyone that knows me will know that for a clothes, shoes and accessories hoarder is no mean feat let me tell you………… Parting with any items from my wardrobe is a toughy.  Try on, decide to throw, put in charity bag, take out of charity bag, try on, repeat…..

Of course, there will need to be some purchases, if nothing else, re-wearing has highlighted some gaps (actually I am fibbing there more like wants) in the wardrobe department!

So the next blogger network team email that I was sent this week was very timely.  And for always wanting to be involved and try to impress the Next crew (shameless cringe worthy sucking up there!!!) the #NextmasWishlist competition was a perfect opportunity.  All I had to do was browse the Next website (tres hard – not!) create a nextmas wish list, upload to the next blogger noticeboard and tweet.  Simple!

The Wish List…(so far)…

It’s been quite a while since I did a wishlist – I always like to wait for the January sales as you soooooooo know that ITEM will be reduced in the new year. Plus it is good to wait for any Christmas money before I go on another spending spree.  This year I must admit I’ve accumulated a little list of things I’d like to purchase.  As ever I have a major fashion split personality, I think I’ll forever be concurrently lusting after pretty dresses and then more casual items like Chelsea boots, pleather jackets and chunky knits.  However for mission NextmasWishlist I decided to go all out with the Christmas/new year party wear. Without further ado, here’s the pieces that might be getting a little slice of my bank balance all of course from Next.

Because the combo of the jumpsuit, and the festive berry heels make my heart beat berry berry fast indeed… I also tried on these too

This berry clutch or black alternative is a staple wardrobe essential and would also look good with relaxed skinny jeans for laid back attire, or fierce with this tux jumpsuit!



I added some bling to the outfit – this silver knot lariat complimented the jumpsuit perfectly.  Alternatively you could go for shorter length with this berry crystal effect necklace

I need a jumpsuit in my life… I will buy it! just ‘cos! I neeeeeed it, long necklaces are also floating my boat right now!!

I LOVE this combo – again, they are inevitable purchases YES YES YES!

What’s on your wishlist ?




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