#Mirror Mirror on the wall

Who doesn’t love a fashion contest…?

A couple of weeks ago Warehouse launched their #MirrorMirror competition with the prize being a £1,000 shopping spree! I know a whopping £1000!!!!!!!!!!!! Having my eye on this HUGE prize I began spending quality time lusting/wish listing and finally investing in the Warehouse changing rooms! Guilt prevailed the first time I went into the changing room as I wasn’t intentionally planning on buying anything (well not before Crimbo anyway) however since then I have, I am now guilt free. Good marketing ploy from warehouse there.

So far I have managed to claim 3 outfits

Party Girl

Party Girl

This dress is amazing and has Christmas party written all over it. The clutch is also incredible – hard shell, silver tone, perfect with the right dash of darker grey. Could it be more versatile? Me thinks not….:

Clutch available here

The second outfit is perfect for work. I just love this jacket!!!!



Red dress here

Coatigan here 

And the third look is this incredible faux leather skirt  which I actually bought and will be parading in for the Vogue Gold event at Westfield on Thursday evening.

To be seen at the Vogue Gold Event

To be seen at the Vogue Gold Event

Pink top  I absolutely adored this top and am hoping it goes down in the sale.

Black clutch available here


The gorgeous Serene  has also been mirror mirroring, follow her on twitter @ IAMSERENEL


Don’t forget to enter the competition here. Personally I like contests where there is one entry per person, but here I think you can enter as many times as you like, horrah. And after a few dozen photos from London and the UK it is clear the lure of the thousand pounds is attractive enough for people to enter so many times because I see a contingent of certain ladies have entered today over and over and over again. Anyway so good luck to all those who have entered. I will keep my fingers crossed. As a grand would be lovely to spend at such a great store.


@WareStyle @iamserenel


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