K loves: Diptique candles

Is there anything better than burning a gorgeously scented candle during these cold months? I’m never more relaxed than when I’m curled up under a blanket, reading a book with a candle burning in the room. The newest candles in my collection are a rather luxurious affair, quite a difference from my usual candles.

unnamed (2)

I’ve read nothing but rave reviews about their strong fragrances and beautiful packaging, so I went and majorly splurged last month on this gorgeous 50th anniversary set.

unnamed (1)

After smelling each scent about a hundred times over the past few months, to the point where I gave myself a massive headache from smelling too many in the shop.  Yes I really did that so only smell 1 or 2 max.   I finally decided ambre is my favouritea gorgeous, cozy scent that’s perfect for Winter.  With notes of vetiver, patchouli and tonka bean the candle provides a warm, woods-y, almost masculine scent that I really adore. The luxurious candle also burns beautifully, quickly filling up any room with the gorgeous fragrance.
unnamed (4) unnamed (5) unnamed
This five-candle set made up of deliciously warm, woody and spicy scents; perfect for evoking Christmas cheer.

Choose from the distinctive woody notes of Opoponax and Cyprès, the earthy sweetness of incense and vanilla-tinged Ambre, Pomander’s blend of citrus, cloves and cinnamon or the smoky warmth of Feu de Bois. Burn separately or combine fragrances for a truly bespoke olfactory experience. A stylish treat for yourself or a loved one, any one of these sophisticated scents will infuse a home with warmth and cheer throughout the winter months.

The lady in the shop also threw in some perfume samples which I can’t wait to try to.

While I probably won’t be buying more Diptyque candles anytime soon (though I wouldn’t be opposed to getting one as a present for Christmas) I’m loving this set so much. And even when it’s burned out, I’m looking forward to using the gorgeous jar for storage (something that seems to be a rite of passage for beauty bloggers).


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