Military Precision

I seem to have a little routine when I get something new into my wardrobe, I’ll go through phases of wearing an item to absolute death and then replacing it with something new. It’s an awful habit but one I probably am guilty of far too often than I should be! This military style coat from Mango is one of my new ‘obsession’ items which I have been saving in my wardrobe as 1) I didn’t want to ruin it but with the sub zero temperatures this morning (okay this may be a slight exaggeration! However I did see frost on the cars!!!!) and 2) was in denial that it is actually getting chillier and I need to ditch my mac.  I really think I am going to be wearing this to death now or until March 2015 at least.

I’m always one for keeping my promises, so right on queue, as promised, is a fresh new winter look. I popped to the church just a short stroll from my work and shot these looks on a crisp afternoon, the autumn leaves and blue skies are great for taking autumnal shots.   I bought this coat at the end of the summer in the sale (talk about being organised!!!), as it was reduced to £69.99, sadly no longer on the site but the current selection can be found here.

I’d actually been wanting a long line coat for quite a while.  A classic cut and of course black, this mango coat is just the coat that we all need and one that might change in design, but will never really go out of fashion. I loved the length and thought it a perfect coat to see me through Autumn and into the slightly nipper Winter months.

This season, aside from the fur coat, the Camel coat is a must have to, which btw I am currently still searching for so if anyone sees one that they absolutely adore please get in touch.

Anyway, I styled this fabulous Mango coat with a scarf from a little boutique in Chelmsford.

2014-11-24 12.45.15 - Copy 2014-11-24 13.20.42 2014-11-24 13.26.42 - Copy 2014-11-24 13.28.32 - Copy 2014-11-24 13.30.40 - Copy 2014-11-24 13.34.29 - Copy 2014-11-24 13.36.43 - Copy 2014-11-24 19.16.27 - Copy



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