Bag Lady


Having a bag obsession goes much deeper than looking good and is probably a lot more important than any other accessory in your wardrobe. It represents something about you as a person plus it contains your survival kit for daily life, right?

Yes, the likes of Mulberry and Louis Vuitton are all well and good if you are

  1. filthy rich
  2. can save enough
  3. have a wonderful boyf or
  4. none of the above and simply can’t afford.

However look no further as I have found 3 FAB-ULOUS alternatives which are just as good as those designer finds.

Florian London offer a lovely crossbody Amelia bag in aubergine available here


I am currently eye-balling this one… Looks Mulberry-esque, beautiful teal colour, versatile for day or evening and affordable Georgia in peacock teal, buy here from Peony and Moore.

The Rosemont Satchel in silver and camel from LBrix and Bailey is eye catching. My advice? Buy here


Now go shop!

unnamed (2)

@PeonyandMoore @FlorianLondonUK @brixbailey


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