A Year In Blogging

1 Year Blog Anniversary

A year ago today The British Fashionista did not exist and, to be honest my Twitter account lay unused and with that Egg avatar, you know the one.

With Love from K circa 2013

With Love from K circa 2013

On the 6th November 2013, I threw myself out into an incredible and quite scary fashion world not knowing where it would take me and somehow 12 months on I think I am doing pretty okay.

The far-reaching British (Fashionista) Empire

The far-reaching British (Fashionista) Empire

  • There’s been almost 20,000 page hits (which can’t all be my mum) on the blog from 128 countries! This is without advertising, just tweeting.
  • This is my 290th Post which equates to 5 posts every 6 days including the ever-popular K Loves, Look Books, London Fashion Week and Chic of the Week themes posts. The 300th review will be special to me.
  • I have over 100 subscribers to the blog, who receive updates about new posts and are kind enough to comment and favourite my posts.
  • I am approaching 700 Twitter followers reading my 3,600 tweets and Instragram is taking off too.

Without getting overly sentimental, I wanted to say a MAHUSSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who got involved, helped me, commented, supported, invited me to events, gifted and followed!!! I couldn’t believe it, a year ago today I set up the British Fashionista blog and what a whirlwind year it has been.

The Q &A Post

The Q &A Post

I’m passionate about style, I love getting inspiration from others and I hope that I can give that back too in some shape or form!

Personally, there have been some huge highlights in 2014 besides the CAT boots that created a stampede on Instagram…………….The first 12 months have flown by and one thing I didn’t expect is to make some incredible new blogging friends too – what’s not to love about this blogging world!

The most amazing news was being shortlisted for Company magazine Best Fashion Blog Wewcomer. I was totally surprised to make the top 10 but also totally elated at the same time.


Here’s a look back at some of the highlights during my year.

1. Editors choice for wiwt
2. Company magazine award finalist for the category Best New Fashion Blog
3. My first London Fashion Weekend
4. Twitter interaction with some of the fashion industries finest, DVF, Karl Lagerfeld and Tamara Mellon…….. OMG
5. Reviewing magazines and fashion pieces in particular this beautiful dress from designer Kerry O”brine
6. Visiting fashion exhibitions in particular my favourite Jean Paul Gautier
7. Making it in the Instagram world
8. The Poses

Of course, it hasn’t been perfect…There’s been some down times too when I have felt that I am not good enough for blogging or had writers block!!!…All negatives  make you stronger, right? I think so. There were things I thought would work but didn’t, like my necklace giveaway and my Anna Wintour pose contest. But there were posts that totally took me by surprise with their popularity. To this day Look Book #2 is the most loved.


But to summarise, it’s been an incredible first year and I’m sure as soon as I hit ‘post’ I’ll think of a tonne of other stuff I haven’t mentioned here that will make the 300th post…I’m grateful for each and every moment and I’m ready to dive head first into the next year !!!


@KerryOBrine @instagram @JPGaultier @WIWT @LFWEnd @companymagazine


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