London Town

So I work in London during the week so the last thing I usually want to do is trek up to London on a weekend.  However the mission was to go to Fortnum and Mason with my mum, we ate, drank pink champers and SHOPPED!

Mum doesn’t often get to come into the city so I wanted to show her the amazing view of the poppies at the Tower of London on route to Fortnums.  We did the whole touristy bit beforehand, the Gherkin, walky talky building, the shard and finally the Tower of London.

Here’s the highlights from the day

In 8 hours we covered Fortnum and Mason, Oxford Street, and the poppies!

The amazing Poppies at the Tower of London

The amazing Poppies at the Tower of London

What a beautiful warm sunny day for the 1st November and what a humbling view.

First up the Tower of London



Just to put into context the seriousness of the trip…. We were up at 8.00pm, out by 10 and Home for 8.00pm!

What I wore.

Jacket procured from Primark aka Primarni

Scarf from Zara .Buy similar here  It’s super warm (probably too warm for these unseasonal warm temperatures – this will be getting a bashing for work and play this winter, totally versatile!


Top  from Me and Em previous post here

Skinny Jeans, fairly old, no link I’m afraid.

unnamed (2)

TBF dressed for a day out

Bag – That one I blogged about here from the Outnet (FYI – The perfect shopping trip bag too).



Second stop was lunch at Fortnum and Mason knowing what I know now, I’d have gone nil-by-mouth for a couple of days previous…IN.CRED.IBLE!!

I can highly recommend the F&M lunch… (and not eating for at least 24 hours before it!!)

unnamed (4)

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