My new… favourite Watch (and Boutique)



So on a recent visit to Reigate I happened to stumble across a boutique by the name of Gerrards This shop is A-M_AZING, they sell both ladies and men’s fashion including a lovely collection of jewellery, boots and watches.

My new...

My new…

I started seeing Olivia Burton watches pop up on Twitter and Instagram, and when I saw this in Reigate i couldn’t wait to put it on my Christmas list!!!!!. Sadly willpower and patience is something that I am somewhat lacking and purchased there and then!

Day to day I have a DKNY white and silver watch, which  can sometimes be a bit too heavy to wear. I wasn’t looking for a watch but saw this Olivia Burton rose gold navy watch in the shop window and couldn’t believe it was only £75, it looks and feels much pricier than that. The watch itself is super light yet rocks the oversized man chic that is currently doing the rounds. This will definitely be hugging my wrist on a daily basis.

Super chic

Man chic

This watch is perfect, as I have a slim wrist, I usually have to take out most of the links before they fit me properly, but the strap came with a multitude of holes so I can wear it tighter if I like, or slightly looser. I love that Olivia Burton watches come with a slim leather strap, which sits on my wrist really nicely. If you haven’t heard of Olivia you should definitely check her out! All of her watches are beautifully designed, it was a difficult choice to make as there were a variety of styles to choose from but in the end the rose gold face won as it suited my paler skin. You can also change the straps as well as I was tempted with the pink strap too…..

This is British design at its best! I can’t believe that I have only just invested in this timely piece now. I love the huge dial on this watch, and the simplicity of its face. The rose gold combined with the navy leather strap looks great, and it goes with pretty much anything.

It's on Vogue

It’s on Vogue

And where else can you purchase this gorgeous arm candy apart from the Olivia Burton website? The collection is available at John Lewis hereASOS and Topshop

Have you bought an Olivia Burton watch? Tell me about it.
@OB_Watches @johnlewisretail @Topshop @ASOS @gerrardsfashion

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