Let’s hear it for the boy

I have been searching for a cross body bag for aggggggges – I trawled the Internet, without joy and, what feels like months before.


I’d also seen this bag on Instagram and more importantly on all of the fashionista’s. Without further a do Let me introduce you to my new boy..

unnamed (1)

I think I might have a new favourite Chanel bag to date! I’ve always thought I would never like a Chanel bag more than their classic flap bag, but seeing the quilted version of the Chanel Boy bag has made reconsider. It’s edgier than all the classic Chanel bags and I love its modern twist. It looks chic and still remains to be quintessentially Chanel.
unnamed (2)
For this aw14 the House of Chanel is driving us crazy,yet again,by adding some amazing colours to the Boy collection
unnamed (3)

Who doesn’t love this whole new line of Chanel bags?

@CHANEL @KarlLagerfeld


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