Camel Coats Rule

Fashionistas Rock Camel

Fashionistas Rock Camel

So according to all of the global Fashionistas camel coats rule.  Seeing as we are currently between seasons and the weather can’t make up its mind if it’s hot or cold, knowing what coat to wear is my current daily dilemma.

I can still wear my leather jacket (just!) with a woolly wintry scarf/blanket but it is still not cold enough to get out my wintry coat just yet.  Seriously I wish winter would just hurry up and arrive as I am currently in pursuit of a winter warmer.

I wanted to bring together my top picks of the high street and even though there are a few sneaky purse breaking ideas in there (hello Gucci!), most of these are budget friendly.

Although as you know I am super thrifty when it comes to every day clothes, the one thing I will invest in is apart from boots is a good old winter coat.  Let me introduce the  selection of robust, wintry outerwear choices which are a must have for AW14.



Florence and Fred





unnamed (1)


unnamed (3)


unnamed (4)

Ted Baker

unnamed (5)


unnamed (6)

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