Shameful Self Promotion…

Next month, I am 12 months into blogging and honestly, it has been a pretty exciting stylish wave of comments, likes, retweets as well as making the top 10 for best newcomer in the Company Magazine Awards as well as attending various award ceremonies.

The British Fashionista has entered the UK Blog Awards 2015 in the Arts & Culture and Lifestyle categories and I would very much love to have your support for my blog when voting opens on the 10th November 2014. You will have until 1st December 2014 to vote so you will have to be quick…… Blogs which get through the public vote will be judged by industry experts. Yikes!!!!!!

Basically, you can vote for your fave bloggers. This is an opportunity to incorporate the public votes and a judging panel. In this way, the awards reward those bloggers who, through high-quality blogging, have won a wide audience, while also allowing those with excellent blogs who are beginning to build up their blogs and networks to gain recognition.  It is also an opportunity to recognise the most creative, inventive and compelling blogging of the year! Last year more than 200,000 nominations and votes were cast – making it one of the UK’s most popular blogger awards.

Follow #UKBA15 on twitter and click here to visit their website.

I was completely overwhelmed to be chosen, I do my job to the absolute best of my ability and to be recognised for this, is incredible!


If you do feel you’d like to vote, I’d appreciate your support and send you a mahoooosive THANK YOU in advance!

Have a great day.



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