Insta made it!

So this weekend marked me making it (in my opinion) in the Instagram world.

I have been posting pics, selfies, quotes and regrams to my little heart’s content for the last 6 months and more often than not I get only a handful of likes. I see all the fashion bloggers Instagram a pic of themselves and instantly get soooo many likes within minutes. I do have some social media envy.

So after I posted this pic of me wearing my Saturday casual attire I couldn’t believe it when the likes kept going up and up. This is such a massive deal forme, I’ve been checking every hour on the hour to see how many more likes I’ve had!!!!! It just makes me so happy.



Shirt from Gap similar here
Boots from Cat
Jeans purchased a couple of years ago.

Having 81 likes is a HUGE deal for me.  Only last week I posted this picture and had Karl Lagerfeld (YES THE KARL LAGERFELD) liking it. #stoked So this is another good day for this British Fashionista as I come up to 20,000 hits on the blog and 100 followers there, over 600 on Twitter and all this is ONE YEAR OF BLOGGING. That is right, I only started this on the 1st November last year, and therefore I am very proud of how far I have come.

YES! The Karl Lagerfeld

YES! The Karl Lagerfeld

Please follow me over on Instagram keelyc78

@Gap @CATFOOTWEARUK @KarlLagerfeld @instagram


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