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There’s definitely no right or wrong when it comes to running your blog, but one thing I do think is important is your tool kit.  When I chat about toolkit I mean those essential pieces of kit that you simply couldn’t be without to keep your blog afloat. Today I thought I would share my blogging essentials.


WIFI: This is probably the most essential thing when it comes to blogging. Without it, we are all lost. Being able to connect to your broadband wifi, phone wifi or hotel wifi is absolutely key to talking and communicating to the big wide web.


IPAD: My other absolute basic must have is of course my iPad, it comes with my absolutely everywhere, holiday, weekend away absolutely everywhere. Without my iPad I simply wouldn’t be able to blog.  Having my ipad with all my software, photographs & tools at the ready is a necessity for me.  Blogging on the go is a must.


A hard drive isn’t actually an absolute necessity, but after having no computer for a while now I am definitely thinking of investing in a Mac.  I realise now how critical it is to have everything backed up. Not only a lifetimes worth of photos, music and work, but of course all my blogging software, outfit images & documentation can be saved on the Mac, and if my ipad should ever pack up on me, nothing could be recovered. The downside is that you can’t take the pc with you but if you have a smart phone or a tablet then it doesn’t matter.

Given the crazy digital bubble we live in, and how much we rely on technology, it is really worthwhile making sure you have it all backed up somewhere, just in case worst comes to worse and your ipad breaks. Plus of course the sheer volume of photographs we all take takes up a lot of storage………………

My Setup: Ipad, Keyboard, dragon fruit candle, and inspiration

My Setup: Ipad, Keyboard, dragon fruit candle, and inspiration

IPAD KEYBOARD: Until recently I used the keyboard on the ipad.  However spending hours upon hours hunched over the ipad on my lap caused my shoulders and back to ache.  Having researched if there were any keyboards specifically for the ipad I found this one.  They are quite expensive so I took to eBay and found someone selling a genuine apple ipad keyboard for under £10.  The majority of ones in the apple store are wireless where as this one you hook your ipad onto the back of it.  I have to say I was uber impressed with my ebay bargain and wondered why I hadnt purchased sooner!!!! It allows you to type as you normally would on a pc.  It’s super light which helps but it’s just really helpful if you need to write emails, write a blog feature and general just transforms your ipad from a big phone into a mini computer.


IPHONE: I couldn’t be without my iphone 5s.  It is a great phone, I remember buying the iphone 3 back in the day and was not impressed.  However a few years on and the phone is now my social device which keeps my blog and social channels active.  It is a constant process of checking emails, tweeting, Instagram-ing, checking my blog, and reading other blogs. I personally like to use my Iphone, it takes great photos but also I can download good apps that will compliment my blog pics.


CAMERA: One of the most important elements of a blog is the photography, I recently purchased a Nikon camera as blogging for me has really took off and I didn’t want to invest in a good camera if I wasn’t going to continue with the blog.  Personally I don’t think it matters what camera you have, but every blogger has something to help them capture their outfit of the day, whether it be an Iphone or a DSLR. A camera is a bloggers best friend. You don’t need an expensive DSLR to take pictures, in fact many of the blogs I love use a whole variety of tools from phones to affordable digital cameras to take their pictures.


GLOSSY MAGS: Of course, fashion magazines are a bloggers bible.  I invest in at least 2 a week to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends.  Apart from checking out the glossy pics I love reading stories from fellow bloggers, designers, and fashionistas as well as hearing about the fashion industry.


PHOTOSHOP: Definitely not a ‘must have’, but a piece of software I’ve come to use. I started off using free online offerings like PS Express, but over the course of the year I have realised that editing pics to enhance the brightness or make black and white for a more sultry look is the way forward. I discovered Lightroom to edit my photos.



As I mentioned, you don’t need fancy kit to be able to take a great picture, there are plenty of free online apps that offer fantastic editing and design tools

unnamed (7)

NOTEPAD AND PENCIL: I also absolutely love stationary so take pleasure in picking myself a nice little notepad and pencils to have for my blogging ideas – you never know when you are going to get a great idea to blog about – always be prepared.


APPS: No blogger could live without a surplus of apps.  I recently deleted a huge heap of apps as half of them I didn’t use.  That is the trouble when they are free you get download happy.  Of course I have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Bloglovin. I use them to keep in touch with the digital world throughout the day and update them constantly with little bits from my blog or daily life.


And who could forget WORDPRESS?

Do you have any apps that you particularly like using for your blog?

Let me know. I always have room for more in my toolkit.


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