Wardrobe Essentials


Top 10 Must Haves

There are some items that you ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE ready and waiting in your wardrobe. These make up the basis of your wardrobe; they’re the must haves, no matter what your style — the wardrobe essentials. To be considered a wardrobe essential, a piece of clothing has to have several important attributes:

  • It must be versatile. This is the most important quality of an essential piece of clothing. One key factor in versatility is color. Because wardrobe essentials have to go with lots of other clothing, they tend to be monochromatic and neutral in colour. They also must work with different outfits.
  • It has to be of good, perhaps even exceptional, quality. A wardrobe essential makes a statement, and anyone looking should be able to tell that it’s top shelf. High quality also means that it wears well — very important for a garment that you’ll rely on again and again.
  • It should be in a classic style. You don’t want your wardrobe essentials to ever really go out of fashion.
1 to 5

1 to 5

  1. Black bag A black leather bag is a perfect everywhere bag,a bag you can wear to work, to dinner, and even shopping on the weekend. It goes with everything, and you’ll feel comfortable using it with whatever colour or prints you may be wearing. It should be medium-sized: large enough to hold whatever you need during the day but not so large that it looks awkward if you find yourself running straight out to dinner with it.
  2. Black patent court shoes This fashion favourite has withstood the test of time because it is the go-to shoe for day or night, jeans or trousers or skirts, dressy occasions or more casual events.
  3. Jeans A sleek pair of jeans with a flattering fit not only transcends trends, it is a master of multitasking. Without question, jeans are one of the few wardrobe staples that you can wear with just about anything else in your wardrobe.
  4. Silk cotton Denim shirt
  5. Camel coat A camel coat is a cold weather must for all women of style substance. I regularly see Style bloggers showing how it’s done by combining the classic with rich colours and wearing it with both weekend and work wear ensembles.
  6. Breton top. The humble Breton top is an all round classic and so versatile.
  7. Black jacket In the business world, a perfectly tailored black suit jacket is a fail-safe standard. But it has appeal beyond the workplace.  When you show up anywhere dressed in a well-fitted jacket you look, polished and modern. That’s why it is important to invest in the best-constructed suit jacket you can afford, even if it means spending more than usual. Not only will you rely on this fashion overachiever as an ensemble but you can also really get your money’s worth. The black jacket is key in your wardrobe. Because it’s black, it goes with virtually everything. You can change the look just by changing the accessories.  Although it doesn’t need to be ridiculously expensive or high-end, the jacket does need to fit you perfectly and work with your body type.
  8. Classic beige trench coat The classic trench is a necessary staple because it never goes out of style and you can wear it in just about any season. If you stick to a classic trench coat, it will last you for years. When choosing a trench coat it is important to think about.
  9. Leopard print scarf this iconic leopard print is an easy print that looks fantastic on most women and doesn’t date. However leopard print isn’t for every woman! If you tend to think Bet Lynch and the theme from Corrie pops in to your head at the sight of leopard print, perhaps this isn’t for you. However if you are opting for this print, it looks best teamed simply with jeans, white tee and either a black leather or blazer to complete the look.
  10. Leather biker jacket I love basic staple pieces that go with everything, and my black ‘leather’ jacket is definitely one of my favourite items of clothing. The jacket I currently have is a really affordable one from zara, I find it so easy to wear. It can be thrown on over the top of almost all of my outfits without me having to think about it. I wear mine with jeans and dresses – pretty much everything. Faux leather jackets are great when the weather is a little cool, but not so cold you need to be wearing a proper coat. You just can’t go wrong with having a ‘leather’ jacket in your wardrobe!
6 to 10

6 to 10

    • Make sure the coat fits in the shoulders. You don’t want to be drowning in your coat. You should always be wearing your clothes; they should not be wearing you.
    • Choose a style and length that gives you the look you want. Decide whether you want it to cinch at the waist or be looser fit. A belted trench flatters your waistline in contrast to your shoulders and the overall volume of the coat itself.
    • Make sure the coat doesn’t overwhelm you. If you’re on the smaller side, pick a coat that’s less busy, that is, has less going on with the pockets, lapels, buttons, and so on, and make sure it’s single-breasted. If you’re taller, you can carry off a more traditional looking double-breasted trench.
A shopping list

A shopping list

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