Magazine Review: Hello Fashion Magazine

The Mag

The Mag

According to fashion researchers, fashion magazines are in serious decline. Having said that the likes of stylist magazine (which is free in the city), numbers are on the rise and Vogue continues to be as strong as ever, there’s a new fresh glossy fashion magazine which has just launched this month to compete in the market.   I couldn’t wait to review the first edition.

Hello fashion differs from its sister magazine hello in many ways.  Firstly it costs £1 (as of next month).  Personally I love buying at least one magazine a week which can prove costly depending on the magazine.  I generally look for the ones that cost £1 so that’s a salut to hello fashion for getting the pricing strategy right.   Don’t get me wrong I love looking at fellow fashionistas blogs but I also enjoy physically flicking through a glossy mag.

Hello fashions target audience is aimed at the 18-35 market who apparently, according to research have ‘digital fatigue’.  Although I am out of the age bracket at 36!!! I loved the magazine.  It differs to the normal hello magazine where it takes away all of the usual wag wedding photos and celeb mansions.  The magazine features the latest high street buys and catwalk looks, style tips and beauty news as well as interviews with designers and industry insiders. The magazine is actually aimed at affordable fashion.  Featuring the lovely olivia palermo hello got it exactly right featuring one of the hottest IT girls around at the moment.  Well who doesn’t want to dress like OP.

Rather than just looking at the glossy pics in hello I found myself flipping through the pages and actually reading the copy. There are sections on best things to purchase for the season to, high street chic was my fav.   In addition to what you’d expect to see from a fashion magazine, there’s a blogger interview to.  I will definitely be purchasing again next month…….

Have you read it yet? #HFM

@hellomag @hellofashion_uk @TheRealOlivia


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