I decided to write a post about how to juggle a blog and a full time career. As many of you who have read my blog will know, the British Fashionista is actually a hobby of mine (I say hobby, but it’s like holding down two full time jobs at the moment!!!) as I actually have a full time job which is my career and focus.

Whilst I admire and often dream to be one of those bloggers who takes the leap of faith and quits their job to do blogging full time, I have been working on my HR career for years now and have progressed to a level that I really enjoy. To quit my career now wouldn’t be the best choice for me, given my blog in relative terms is extremely small. Having said that, it is by no mean feat that my blog is not a huge part of my life, a real obsession and a huge passion of mine which I am extremely dedicated to. Far from it…… The fact I have blogged for almost a year now is a proof of my passion and dedication to my little WordPress website.


And if that sounds easy. It’s sooooo not. As any of you will know, who work and blog, managing your time to deliver on both work and a blog (plus ensure you have time to actually live your life) is actually an extremely difficult task. Even for the best of us multi-taskers.

This is what spurred me on writing today’s blog post. After nearly a year I have experienced some challenging times, juggling work and keeping up the blog, but somehow I have managed to do both. Here’s how I did it.


Time management, one of my key strengths I suppose (working in HR helps), something that takes practice, dedication and patience to achieve. The amount of times I have felt like I am spinning plates and only just managing to survive, time management is a critical key to success. But through my job in HR I have learnt some great ways to help manage my time & deliverables.


First of all, write a to-do list. It’s not just for us control freaks, to-do lists help – they help get the huge list of things you have to do (leaving it clear to focus) where you can start to logically work through what needs to be prioritised and delivered and by when.  Prioritisation is key to being able to fit everything in, not just in work but in your life too.

Secondly use a diary to pre plan, make sure you keep a note of events you are attending, big projects that have to be delivered, and blog posts you want to post. If you have a clear timing plan for everything you have going on, you’ll have a much better idea on what you need to prioritise getting done & when you can block out time to dedicate to writing some blog posts.

Thirdly, focus on one task at a time. Keep your focus on one thing at a time. In working hours, dedicate your time to your job, during ‘blogging hours’ focus on writing the posts you need to get live in the coming days. Dedicate time out to do this, even if it’s 30 minutes during your commute home to draft some editorial idea



Directly linked to time management. While life shouldn’t be too regimented and organised – spontaneity is the spice of life after all as they say – it’s always good to maximise your hours & really optimise the time you have. For example, if you’re a commuter into London like me, try dedicating your commute to working on your blog. If you don’t have a commute (then I am jealous), even better as you have just gained two extra hours to use for whatever you fancy doing gym, blog, TV. For me my commute to and from work is a really key time for me to get my blog house in order and two hours I could otherwise easily waste.

Lunch time isn’t just a time to eat lunch, if you’re able to take a moment out at lunch then dedicate 30 minutes to prep a blog post, getting a feature live, or simply sharing your blog on twitter or instagram.

Spare time is a luxury I know, but even if you finish work and get home by 7pm, you’ve still got a few hours before bedtime. That’s a long time, so use your evenings. I like to spend an hour in the evening catching up on my favourite blogs but most importantly writing my blog posts, but still ensure I have time to have dinner and relax.

Optimise your opportunity to capture content for your blog. Keep your phone or camera close and maximise your time by doubling up these occasions with capturing photos for your future posts ie out shopping.



Blogging isn’t just about you posting on your blog, it’s about connecting with your twitter friends and sharing your day on Instagram.  Keeping up your social presence is a key way of keeping your blog ‘out there’ for the world to see. If I have 5 minutes spare whilst grabbing a cuppa then I’ll use it to grab my phone and quickly share my blog feature, instagram a few snaps or link up a brand or product I am currently lusting after. We’re all speedy on our mobiles nowadays, so optimise any free moments in your day to keep yourself social.


This is probably the most important thing to remember, your blog is a hobby. Something you started because of your passion towards fashion and beauty. Even though sometimes your blog may feel as demanding as a full time job (trust me, mine frequently does). It isn’t. Your blog your rules, don’t feel pressure to keep it up and not have a day off, your followers will stay loyal, if you simply don’t have time, then just don’t worry or if you’re feeling like it’s a chore. Then just take some time out.

Blogging Should be Fun

Blogging Should be Fun

If your blog isn’t your full time job, then don’t make it one. It should be fun, enjoyable and you should want to produce content, write features and photograph things, the moment it’s not fun you should just give yourself a break.


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