The British Fashionista Vogue Giveaway


Vogue Magazine is our Bible, let’s be fair. It is the GO TO Guide for fashion, beauty and lifestyle and we LOVE it.


To show just how much we love Vogue, we here at the British Fashionista are going to give away a 6 Months Subscription to this wonderful publication to the winner of the The British Fashionista Vogue Giveaway. So how do you take part? Simple.


Number 1: FOLLOW the British Fashionista on Twitter I am there as 


Number 2: TAKE a Photo of yourself in the classic Anna Wintour pose with a copy of Vogue.

The Queen of Fashion

The Queen of Fashion

Much Like I have done.

The British Fashionista in the City

The British Fashionista in the City

Maybe even annotate it a little with Rookie, Shape’d, InstaShape and Snapseed on our phones we can do anything. So show your love.


Maybe go a little overboard, be creative. It is completely up to you.


And finally…


Number 3: Tweet the photo of yourself with the HASHTAGs #LOVEVOGUE #WIN and #strikeapose tagging  and @voguemagazine for your chance to win.



The winner will be announced on the 14th September 2014 on Twitter. So get snapping and 6 months of Vogue could be yours…



We love it, even Tom Ford loves it. Do you love it enough? Enter and win!


Good luck!



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