The Magnificent 7: My Favourite Pieces from the Vogue September Edition

Fashion Bible

Fashion Bible

We all watched the Documentary, we all bought the magazine, and today, I am going through the 460 pages of beauty, fashion and style to identify my favourite items that, money being no object, I would be buying myself on payday.

1. GUCCI Nut Brown Leather Flared Skirt ($2500)



Pretty early on so simple, the advert shows a great ruffled green blouse with this nut brown skirt, knee high boots and purse. I love the simplicity of the skirt, the clean lines and matt retro look. And that is the theme you get from the first dozen adds for LV, and Prada as well as Gucci. Retro cars, retro ads, retro is in.

2. TOD’S Small D-Cube Leather Top Handle Bag (£998)



Although the version in the print ad is midnight blue, this was the closest I could find online. A large, robust looking carry-all from the makers of the most comfortable shoes that looks very smart in the dark blue, with white trim. Ok, I know this one is pale blue with black trim, but you can imagine. 🙂

3. CHANEL J12 White Ceramic Series ($3500 to $5300)



Time ladies. It is oh so important. And this beautiful collection of watches from Chanel bring it to the forefront of fashion with a steel, diamonds, and  white ceramics giving you multiple looks.

4. LONGCHAMP Pliage Heritage in beige ($1270)



I am a fan of Longchamp. I do have the Pliage in signature print, but this leather tote replaces the standard pliage holding it’s shape no matter what you fill it with. You could throw in the kitchen sink along with the kitchen sink along with Hilary Mantel’s latest house brick sized tome and it would still look awesome.

5. ALTUZARRA Blazer (£1000)



A new brand for me, coming from the awesome VOGUEspy sections, is Altuzarra. Welted pockets and a nautical style that is very polished look that combines well with boots and a long skirt, as well as jeans and a plain tshirt or blouse. A classic piece that would be a great addition to any wardrobe.

6. TABITHA SIMMONS Court Shoes (£460)

Tabitha Simmons

Tabitha Simmons

Where would we be without the wonderful court shoe and in the Vogue Moodboard we find some of Tabitha Simmons’ wonderful black and tan wares. For the clean, crisp look, feminine and noteworthy. Affordable? Yes. Desirable? Very.

7. DUNE Double Zip Boots (£115)



And to finish, a nice trip to Debenhams for the Dune double zip boots. They look elegant, stylish and are versatile enough to be paired with a smart pair of black trousers and sleeveless black rollneck top as in the advertisement in the edition, or jeans. I am sure a fashionista could pull off both looks.

Why not collect your own copy and see what you can find in the 460 pages of the September Edition.


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