Pink Lovebird Boutique

So we have all got our favourite go to shops for jewellery.  Whether it be designer, high street or a little boutique, we all have our favourite places to search for a gorgeous piece of jewellery.

photo 1I recently came across this fabulous online jewellery store called Pink Lovebird Boutique, after seeing it around the blogosphere. I was instantly impressed with their gorgeous range. Pink Lovebird Boutique provide beautiful jewellery including statement necklaces, watches and bracelets.

They are not UK based but are in Canada. They have superfast delivery despite being on the other side of the continent.  I have bought items from the UK and still waited longer so was pleasantly surprised by the super quick delivery.  The packaging is also very cute (will come onto this later).

They have some beautiful pieces like this necklace which inspire me to be bold.  When I first had a look at the website, I instantly fell in love with what I saw! Such stylish, glamorous pieces, so many to choose from. I am a HUGE fan of Pink Lovebird Boutique not only for their exquisite statement jewellery but their prices are very reasonable.

I have previously purchased from Pink Lovebird Boutique.  Please see my previous chic of the week bangle post.  And it was one that I was super happy about! I was so pleased. Who wouldn’t be? I wore it, saw how it looked on my wrist and ah (sighs)… It’s beautiful. I prefer wearing necklaces, so this bangle was a very rare purchase for me and I have to say I haven’t stopped wearing it!  The bangle has been made with the best of care! It’s not like the ones you get from other retail outlets, where after a few wears it looks tarnished or even worse breaks. I’ve worn this so much since I’ve bought it and it still looks as good as new! That says a lot about the way Pink Lovebird Boutique products are made. They are priced reasonably according to their QUALITY. I as a PLBB Customer, I can assure you ladies, the products are worth the price you pay! The jewellery was beautifully packaged when it arrived; the jewellery pouch and pink tied ribbon was a nice little touch, together with the personalised note which makes it even more special.

photo 3I also chose the bangle, because it was black and gold (bearing in mind my wardrobe is mainly black – it goes with my entire wardrobe!!!) and it was also unusual (I like pieces that you can’t necessarily get everywhere). I didn’t realise, what I was buying, would become a chic accessory for me!  Often we go to buy a product and there is a problem with the fitting. Well with Pink lovebird boutique products, rest assured! All products cater the needs of all size, in this context – wrist! (seeing as I have a small wrist bangles tend to hang off me). This particular bangle fit perfectly and can be worn with a casual everyday outfit and blend in OR you could wear it with a nice party dress and look chic. It’s a must-have.

They are also on Instagram! I love seeing what the girls have been up to as well as modelling the various Pink Lovebird boutique pieces.

photo 4Check out their entire range here, the earrings are gorgeous too.



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