Save vs Spree



I read recently an article with the headline of

Céline Style Bags On The High Street


It was a simple piece that described how Marks and Spencers as part of their Autograph house label, are now producing “Celine like bags” for a fraction of the cost of their swanky counterparts. Taking a look at those on offer the price is not the only massive difference. Although the M&S bags are leather and no doubt well made, they are not Chloe, Prada, Bottega Veneta,  Louis or Celine.

But let’s not leave it up to me on this SAVE versus SPREE, let’s get the girls from MADE IN CHELSEA to see which they prefer out of

  • Celine Mini Luggage Tote in Ponyhair Leopard Print £2500
  • The Chloe Baylee Bag £885
  • Prada Two-Tone Tote
  • Autograph Two Tone Leather Tote Bag, £99
  • Autograph Grey Leather Tote Bag, £99
  • Autograph Leather in Animal Print Tote Bag, £169

Over to your Binky, Millie and Louise.


Yarp! The Girls all Guessed right. Spree all around on the King’s Road.

The Saves


Autograph from M&S

The Spree



@marksandspencer @Prada @chloefashion


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