Three Ways to Wear a Midi Skirt


One of my GO TO items of clothing is the skirt. I love wearing skirts because I think they are much more comfortable than trousers and very feminine. I have quite a collection of skirts and my favourite length at the moment is between the knee and the lower calf, commonly known as the “midi” skirt. I noticed that they have been trending for a while and it looks like this will continue on through the autumn/winter.

Understandably some women are concerned that this is a difficult length to wear so I wanted to show you how to wear this tricky piece this season – Three Ways to Wear a Midi Skirt.

For work, the midi skirt can be a nice change.  It’s long enough to be more modest and office appropriate and, depending on the silhouette and fabric, can work well in a conservative or more casual office environment.  Plus, with just a few tweaks a work midi can easily be worn on the weekends. For a more casual work environment you may be thinking the midi can be great weekend attire and you’d be right.

Colour Block with a Belt

So given its versatility why do us girls feel the midi skirt is hard to wear? Well, the style can be really awkward to wear and if not worn properly can make a person look short, bottom heavy and dumpy– none of which are adjectives most women want to be associated with.  Yet, with the right approach it can be easy to correct these dressing issues.  Top tip, Heels heels heels are key to pulling off the midi skirt look.


Look 1

The best length of a midi skirt

A skirt can be considered a midi as long as the length falls somewhere between below the knee to the ankle.  This is why the midi skirt can be such an enormous fail.  The worst length of a midi skirt is when the length ends right at the widest part of the calves. Unless you want to look like you instantly gained lbs in your legs overnight, make sure the hem of your midi skirt is below or above this point.

Too much fullness doesn’t hide anything

If you have large thighs, and are counting on your midi skirt to hide them, make sure there isn’t a lot of fullness, like pleats or gathers, in the waist of your midi skirt, that the skirt has a clean shape and that the hem does not end at that awkward “fat calf” length.


Look 2

What to wear with midi skirts

Regardless of whether your midi skirt is full or slim like a pencil, extra care needs to be paid to what you wear with these skirts. Shape and proportion are important.  With a full midi a top with waist shape or one that is belted will show off the waist and create a more proportional look.  A full top with a full skirt just creates a puffy look.  For a slim midi skirt, shape is equally important as is length.  Tops or jackets that are too long look awkward with a midi skirt.  Stick to slimmer, shorter pieces.

Look 3

Look 3

Here are my high street faves.
  1. H&M
  2. Oasis
  3. Warehouse
  4. Topshop
  5. ASOS

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