7 Fashion Rules to Live By


1 Wear the right shape for your body. The biggest faux par is when I see women wearing the wrong shape. That nip or bit of extra bit of tailoring makes all the difference.

image (1)

If you are a Pear dress like a Pear.

2 It’s not about cost it’s whether it looks great so whether it’s Accessorize or Michael Kors the key is to look great no matter how big or small the price tag.

image (24)

Accessorize vs Michael Kors

3. Be inspired by what you see around you whether it be a gallery, cafe or whilst walking around the streets. Find inspiration EVERYWHERE!


4. Ask your Mum – she will be honest.  However if you absolutely adore a said piece it won’t matter what anyone says you will still buy it. And if her opinion isn’t what you want to hear, sit down and have a cuppa and talk about why.


Tea and a chat will fix everything

5. Wear colour in winter.  Whether that be layering a jumper or a bright jacket.

image (26)
6. Always wear things that make you feel amazing. Remember to be yourself, be confident in yourself.

image (27)

The British Fashionista

7. Have great accessories – personally I love a statement necklace, some people are minimal.  Whatever catches your eyes, a great accessory can completely change the look of an outfit.

image (23)


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