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Getting the right pair of shades is no mean feat, given the plethora of different styles and silhouettes out there. Protecting your peepers from UV rays is vital, whatever the season as well as being a vital accessory for your look, whatever your personal style.


We all want to look chic in sunglasses. Consider this your go-to guide on how to find the best style for your face shape. Bonus: All of these cool-girl frames offer 100 percent UV protection, so your shades will not only look stylish, they’ll also shield your eyes from the sun.

Working out your face shape to determine what frame will work for you is vital when choosing a pair of shades, so check out the British Fashionistas guide on determining your face shapes and picking the perfect pair.


Heart shaped faces suit oval and round shapes which bring balance to the face and make the point of the chin less severe.

Oval face shapes are lucky in that they able to wear most frames. It’s best to avoid very round frames, but other than that upsweeping cats eyes are a nice way to highlight the cheekbones.

Oblong/Long Face shapes suit round or square shapes with more depth than width. To help break up the long lines you can look for decorative or geometric frames.

Square faces should wear a rounded frame to soften the lines of the face. A frame that is wider than the face helps to balance the proportions, and a defined brow will draw the eye away from the jawline.

Round faces best suit straight, angular shapes to create more structure in the face, as well as styles with a slight upsweep to highlight the cheeks.

I personally have an oval/long face so stick to wider glasses suit my face shape.


I have a selection of sunglasses from Chanel, Emilio Pucci and Ray Ban


@ray_ban @FinlayandCo @Topshop @CHANEL @Accessorize @EmilioPucci


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