If like me you spend hours scouring for a certain look and trying to find where to get that look when really you should be doing other things rather than internet shopping….. Fear not as Fashiola, ‘The Fashion Finder’ has landed in the UK after a lot of success in Germany and the rest of Europe. It is the new and easy online way to find all products from top fashion brands, both high street and designer and a rival to a personal favourite the ASOS Fashion Finder.

How this differs, is that Fashiola is the first website of its kind in the UK to enable shoppers to browse the best fashion products from all brands at a glance – brands include Topshop, Marks & Spencer, H&M, Michael Kors, Hugo Boss and Stella McCartney with more brands being added each month.


Internationally Fashiola already offer over 3 million products from 500 shops to help fashion lovers with all budgets find the items they want with ease. Fashiola differentiates themselves with a unique search technology for finding fashion, which ensures that specific clothing can be found quickly and easily.  This is a double bonus… They do this by offering all kinds of convenient search filters like sizes, brands, discount levels and pricing.  Additionally, Fashiola users can set product ‘sale alerts’ and be notified on price reductions instantly. Shoppers can also save products in their account and receive alerts when the size and style is back in stock!  I just love this element as how often do you have to log back into a website to find the products in stock but then out of size.

image (1)
I love the simplicity of typing in the look you’re after and the site does all the hard work saving you precious valuable time.

You can even create your own style book. Which can be found in the style book overview. Add all your favourite outfits and fashion trends. Get inspired or create your own style! You can share your Fashiola.co.uk stylebook on twitter and Instagram and ask your friends to respond on your personal page. Using the heart image, they can show their love for your outfit, it’s a bit like what I wore today but without having bought the item first.


Very Popular in Germany and the Netherlands

I am so hooked I think I need a support group 🙂 Check out the website here 




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