Instagram has been a popular platform for bloggers to show off their new buys and outfits. I love great ideas. I think that’s why I’ve been so attracted to , mainly because I use Instagram daily (follow me here keelyc78).

This great little app is getting a lot of positive press and Vogue, for one, are starting to make money from it and you can read about it here Vogue Monetizing Instagram Account. And who can argue with it’s usefulness if Vogue has found a way to make money that brand on Instagram?


Like to Know is courtesy of the publication’s partnership with rewardStyle, an ad tech company that specialises in affiliate marketing for fashion publishers. Vogue has integrated rewardStyle’s Like to Know  product, a feature that allows Instagram users to buy the items shown in an Instagram photo by simply liking the image. Ingenius! Now, when Instagram users like a Like to Know-enabled post from Vogue, they will receive an email instructing them on how to buy the item.

Vogue receives a commission on every item sold via the partnership, with high-end items fetching a commission rate of up to 20 percent, according to rewardStyle spokeswoman Kaetlin Andrews.

For us though, is a way for bloggers to link their Instagram accounts to their rewardStyle accounts and therefore be able to link the things they photograph and inform their readers of exactly where something is from.


So what is

It’s pretty simple. Shop your favourite Instagrams. As you scroll through your Instagram feed you’ll notice certain photos tagged with If you double tap the photo (to like) will shoot you an email with link to the online store from that photo. You can visit the mini store and shop the items from the photo you liked. Pretty cool huh?


Here’s the step-by-step process

Visit and Sign up
Signing up is a breeze. Visit and click the ‘Sign up’ button. From there you’ll be prompted to login to your Instagram account and authorise Once authorised, sign up is complete as you’re signed up.
2 Start Browsing Instagram
As you browse your Instagram feed you’ll notice certain photos with the tag will send you an email to the photo’s store you liked with that particular tag.
3 Check Your Email and Visit Store
Click the link within the email to visit that photo’s respective store. The store is easily setup with the photo you liked and the thumbnails of products within that photo. It’s that easy.

The beauty about creating powerful relationships on Instagram is they’re transferable outside of Instagram. Many influential people on Instagram like Hannah Crosskey have extremely popular blogs, people love her style so it is inevitable that we want to know where she shops…

image (1)

 So do you use the app? Tell The British Fashionista what you think.


@LIKEtkit @HannahCrosskey @Vogue


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