Jeans will always be in season no matter what time of the year.  I have found my five favourite styles of the moment and it is hard to think of a reason not to have all five to create any number of looks.


Distresses, Leather Look, Boyfriend, Pale and Acid Wash…

Distressed denim is back in a new way and fashionistas like Cameron Diaz and Rihanna are working the trend the skinny jean way. Fashion designers feel that distressed jeans are a great look and individuals can decide on the extent of the “rips” based on personal choice. I would go to Topshop for mine. Although there is a rather extreme alternative that is coming out of the US.

DIY Distressed Jeans

Leather look
Looking this up, the leather look jeans are actually COATED DENIM, Coated denim is your basic denim jeans, typically in black, that are coated with pigment to give it a wax like finish. The pigment is typically painted or machine-applied and has no impact to the skin during wear. Just like regular denim, coated denim is made to wear and fade in places after worn often. Though it will take a number of washes to get rid of the coated finish. While leather trousers may not be in your everyday wardrobe, with coated denim you can get the leather look affordably (and animal-free!). My recommendation is here.
We’ve always envied men for their comfortable clothes, but not anymore! Wear slouchy boyfriend jeans with heels and bold accessories for a style statement or keep it comfy with flats and a cool t-shirt. The trick is to roll the bottoms several times for a cropped length that flatters the baggier style. My must-purchase boyfriend Jeans come from River Island.
boyfriend jeans
“Some will point to the ’90s, some to Marc Jacobs’ final collection for Louis Vuitton — but whatever the reason, light denim is definitely having a moment.” – Stephanie Trong (Editor of Jane and And who are we to argue? Listed as one of the 15 Trends for Spring/Summer 2014 this is one you can really employ and with options all over you can twin with pastel, Sport Luxe and knitwear trends. Here is what is on my shopping list.
Acid washed jeans were an iconic fashion trend of the late 1980s. They were typically seen paired with neon colors and accessories for an overtly loud look. Acid washed jeans are treated with chemicals that eat away at the pigment and fabric. They tend to be a softer jean than non-acid washed jeans, because the integrity of the fabric has been weakened. Recent fashion trends have brought acid washed jeans back into vogue. However, today, these jeans are a more refined fashion statement than they were in the past. Here Polyvore rocks the Topshop Acid Wash.

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