Chain Reaction


Necklaces-blog_grandeWhen you think of gold chains, does Mr T spring to mind? He does for me And why not? He took accessorizing to the next level. Let me tell you chains just got cool. Rock summers edgiest look in accessories with major attitude. And they are everywhere. The belly ring is going to be adorning jeans, and thanks to Kim K we will have chain hair accessories.
And with Lady Gaga leading the way with chain wear over clothing the work of Fannie Schiavoni cannot be ignored as a special night out look.

Fannie Schiavoni

My Advice?

Don’t be afraid to pair the big bling with a plain black t shirt as I did below. If big bling is not quite your thang, River Island  sell these gorgeous chain detailed shoes.
I also adore this Sophie Hulme bag c/o Net-a-porter.
Here’s the British Fashionista rocking some metal…
@riverisland @nextofficial @NETAPORTER @Sophie_Hulme @NewLookFashion @FannieSchiavoni

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