In Handbag Must-Haves


I’m pretty organised when it comes to the packing of my handbag. In go my purse, keys, I phone, phone charger, umbrella (carried regardless of the weather, british weather and forecasters are so unpredictable!!!) oh and sunglasses to just in case. These are my essential beauty items solely, as my bag is usually also packed to the brim with other stuff including book and/or magazine, all of the above mentioned, as well as my I pod, pen, bottle of water – no wonder my bag weighs a ton!!!!!.  I should do the same process when purchasing clothes, for every 1 item purchased, 3 are thrown out (does this go someway to explain just HOW much stuff I own…..) So going forward for things to get added to my handbag, things need to come out although saying that I quite like the contents I have just added below. Recently there have been new additions. All worthy of their place and none that add too much weight to my daily arm candy…

First up we have the most awesome coverage a girl could want a.k.a the Touche Eclait Foundation. Basically you can apply as many “coats” (okay this makes it sound like paint !!!!) as you like to help you out. It’s small, perfectly formed and replaces all other foundations that I have tried and tested.  This one is a sticker !!!!

Hands up who lugs around a hand cream and an anti-bacterial gel? Yep I do and both come from Marks and Spencer. First up, the Alice and Eliza Hand cream, I adore the trio of scented moisturising handcreams which come in unique vintage inspired tubes. My favourite is the powder violet but all smell equally as lush.

As a commuter into London the anti bacterial gel is a god send to ward of germies!!!!!

  • Vaseline – a firm favourite with me and I probably have about 3 in use at any one time, 1 for bag, 1 for work and 1 for home.  They have other flavours but I am a bit old skool and prefer the original.  As I have uba sensitive skin as well this helps prevent dryness but the trick is to keep applying not just when your lips feel dry.
  • Kleenex tissues for Hayfever – need I say anymore #bigsigh
  • My oyster card holder is from Ownster – I got this especially made as you can create any design you want and voila here is the British Fashionista’s creation.
  • Sunnies – purchased from Portugal. Please see my previous post on these
  • And of course I have to mention the handbag which I bought from the Jaeger Outlet at Braintree.  This is another firm favourite of mine, I definitely need to purchase a summer bag but at the moment I cant bear to stop using this one………..

What’s in your handbag?

whats in my bag title

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